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We are looking for people who will innovate work-life balance services at GTENTION, a start-up partnering with Hanhwa.

Recruitment process background image
Recruitment process
  1. 01 Screening based on documents
  2. 02 Interview with staff
  3. 03 Interview with executives
  4. 04 Final acceptance and screening
How to apply

GTENTION hires on demand. Please check the job opportunities before e-mailing.

Required documents

- Cover letter

- Resume of projects (For each field)

- Portfolio (Required for designers)

Other information

- If you list fraudulent information about your education and experience, we may cancel hiring.

- You must not be banned from traveling overseas.

- We do not use your personal information for purposes other than recruitment.



Sales and planning based on management strategy, and analysis of profits.


Strategy/planning/management for strengthening hold on overseas markets and global management planning related to new global projects

Marketing and product planning

Planning and running marketing strategies and product policy, and managing risk that comes with the platform

Design, planning UI/UX

Planning/designing the platform to show the value of the platform effectively, and helping clients use the service


Establishing strategy in platform and IT development, and system maintenance and security